Firing my Demons



When I was a young girl I found myself in the company of many demons, their teeth were sharp, their words daggers to my heart. They filled my head with fears over what ifs, what if this happens, what if they hear what I’m thinking, what if they know what I can do, what if they don’t like me as I am, what if.. an endless supply of fear.

They did such a fantastic job, at some point, I hired them to be my gatekeepers. Not only would they continue to keep the me from the world, they could now keep the world from me – I let them rage at others, I let them build a wall, a gate, even a moat to keep us all apart.

Eventually though, as must happen to all phases, to all parts of life, the walls began to crumble, the water dried up, and the gate is rusting.. my dreams and my cats became my sunlight, my view of green trees and verdant fields of lush green grass and clean, flowing rivers. And I realized I didn’t much like my employees, these demons of mine.

So I’ve begun to let them go.

Unfortunately over the years I brought on many demons, and so they’ve collected up a bit, they cover many shifts and some come and go as the seasons change, so, I know I’ve got a bit of a process going forth. I tried communicating the changes to the first demons, hoping they would spread the news, but seeing as this is a demon communication network, the word hasn’t gotten around and when it has, it has gotten jumbled a bit.

So I will continue to be honest, and clear, and firm. And I will let them go, one by one.

The gate, the walls, the moat, will all dissapear on their own with no one to guard them – though perhaps I will decide to tear it all down, there is a natural course of things that will take care of them as well.

We’ve had some crazy adventures, and some interesting stories to tell, these demons & I, but I’m ready to find some new stories, and experience some new adventures – to hear some new voices in this world of mine.


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