Afraid of the Words

Yes, it’s true, demons don’t leave easily. Tonight though, she has changed form, though not function.

I am afraid of the words, afraid of the response – not lack of, but lash back from. If not here, now, then down the line.

Nothing so simple as my political beliefs igniting a heated discussion, or an energetic banter on the meaning of life. No, a fear over the words causing one to flee, to run and hide, to turn away.

For in these words there is truth, and pain, mixed with love, and joy.

Yet whenever I’ve tried to tell you, you seem to find so many ways not to listen.

All my life I have longed for you to know how wonderful you are, how I have loved you, how you are worthy of being loved, of feeling loved, of living.

I wanted to show you how much the world loves you, in all your amazing grace. For all your weaknesses, for your darkness, for your touch, for your infinite capacity to love, for you.

I have tossed and turned, night after night, became year after year, and now it’s been a lifetime. And you, or I, may fade away from this life – and I’m afraid, that you will never know how worthy you are, of every great, wonderful, bountiful, Divine expression of this universe.

But I know. I know that when I look at you, when I read your words, touch your skin, hold you close, hear your voice. I know you are loved. And I will hold this love for you in my heart, in my soul, as long as I exist – in any life, on any plane of existence.

You are loved, you are worthy. Whoever you are, whomever you become, wherever you go.





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