Camping in California (or Paranoid in Tentville)

As I lay there on the floor, having set up the tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag for a test run, wishing the view through the vent was stars, not popcorn ceiling, I started to freak out a little bit.

The signs don’t say:

-Watch for mudslides

-Trail flooded (this one is a bit of a lie, the trail disappears, but that’s another post)

-Cute critters may be encountered

No, they say.. watch for ticks, mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

So while I lay there, cozy in my sleeping bag, I began to imagine the sound of the snake rattling me awake, or the feeling of it slithering by me as I dozed. How many ticks might be roaming the ground. And that purring I hear from outside the tent isn’t my dear kitty, but a wonderful sweet mountain lion smelling the tasty treat wrapped up inside.

Thankfully the fear passed and instead I felt as though I could finally fall into a deep restful sleep, there on the floor.

I don’t know what camping will bring, as I lay there alone, never lonely, but at the first sound of a hiss, mammal or reptilian, I’m skipping California and heading north…

Until then though, there’s so many places to see.


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